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Thank You for your interest in Homann Karate Do, Inc.  Homann Karate Do features Friendly and Certified  instructors who teach using positive reinforcement.  Our karate programs are regarded as one of the best in the country.  Homann Karate Do has been inducted into the Martial Art's Hall of Fame for "School of the Year!" 

We enjoy teaching and sharing our sport with everyone.  We provide family rates to get the whole family involved in learning this new and exciting skill.

We realize the ability to defend oneself is important, but we additionally expect our students to become achievers striving for Black Belt Excellence.  While striving for Black Belt Excellence you or your child will learn anti-abduction skills, bully avoidance, gain friendships, develop respect, build concentration, positive attitude, self defense, patience, discipline, and confidence.  We strongly emphasize virtues and character building which becomes a practice for life. Karate also teaches hand-eye coordination, motor development skills, improves reflexes, and develops overall athleticism which helps an individual with all other physical activities.

Sign up today with our Elite Team!  We have the highest ranking instructors in North West Indiana.  Our school and instructors have produced National and International champions.  USA team members competing at the highest level, representing the USA in International competition.  Both of our schools are state of the art and one of the biggest in the country, providing you with all the tools for individual goals and accomplishments.  We look forward to working with you.



Only $75.00
Uniform, Semi Private Lesson, Gloves, and a Month of Unlimited Karate Classes.
This is the best way to be introduced to karate.  Everything you need to try karate for one month!

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This class is designed for a 5 to 7 year old child.

This program is divided into Ninja Beginner and Ninja Advance.  Students' learn stranger danger and sportsmanship with the benefits of learning physical, mental, social, and emotional development skills in class.  We reenforce good learning habits, listening skills, focus, and concentration to help aid your child to acheve success in karate and at school.


This class is designed for a 3 - 4 year old child.

Pre-skills designed to develop a foundation of attributes for learning karate.  Drills are taught to develop the students' mental skills such as listening, focus, and memory.  This class is also great for physical development and socially interacting with other kids.  Your child will learn stranger danger and we will reenforce what your child is learning in preschool.  To reenforce preschool learning; some of the drills used in class involve kicking, punching, and blocking various shapes, numbers, colors, and letters of the alphabet.  This class is taught by a school teacher.


Karate is a positive sport, building self confidence and character building through personal achievement and play. At Homann Karate Do, Inc. the staff teaches through positive development in a fun and motivating way. We believe pre-school years are one of the most important years of a child’s development. Our program improves pre-school aged children’s basic listening and motor skills. There are eight major skills that are instructors focus on when training children 3 to 4 years of age. Those skills are:
1. Focus
2. Teamwork
3. Control
4. Balance
5. Memory
6. Discipline
7. Fitness
8. Coordination

How The Program Works:

In order to thoroughly develop each skill and at the same time make your child's training fun and motivational, the Little Ninjas curriculum specifies two skill's per class. The curriculum includes a variety of drills used to teach each skill. These drills are easy to follow and fun to do. Preschoolers learn more by play, and in your child's eyes, these drills are more like games. The games will help your child retain more and be more willing to learn and do things he or she normally wouldn't enjoy doing.
The following are some activities covered in the Little Ninja's Class:
Sensei Says: is a game like Simon Says but instead it is used with basic karate moves.
Balloon Colors: two different colors of balloons are picked for that day. The instructor tosses a balloon at the little ninja. The little ninja has to yell out the color of the balloon as they punch it.
Letter Fun: Kicking bags that have letters and pictures on them to help identify the letters of the alphabet. Little Ninjas are asked to kick or punch certain letters that we are working on that day.

Parents and Little Ninja's Fun Corner:

Drills that you can do with your child at home.
Ninja Kick Boxing - You will need a large pillow or you can purchase two hand targets from the school.
Step 1: Call out "left hand" and your ninja must punch the pillow or targets with his/her left hand. Do five times.
Step 2: Repeat step 1 with right hand.
Step 3: Test your ninja's coordination by calling out either the left hand or right hand. Your ninja must strike with the hand you call out. Do this 7 to 10 times.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 with the left foot and right foot.

Bubble Fun- need a bottle of bubbles.
Blow bubbles into the air have your ninja pop as many as they can before the bubbles touch the floor. Have your ninja pop the bubbles with the technique we are using in class for the week. (punch, kick, the ninja's basic blocks)

Shape Fun- need paper and markers. Pick 2 to 3 shapes. Draw one shape per piece of paper.
Each shape will represent a technique. Use techniques that we are using in class for the week. For example, I will use circle, square, and triangle. The circle will represent an inside block, the square will be a front hand punch, the triangle will be a kick. Each time you flash the circle your ninja will say "circle" aloud and do an inside block. Each time you flash the square, your ninja will say "square" and do a front hand punch. Each time you flash the triangle, your ninja will say "triangle" and do a kick. This will help with the little ninjas memory and focus.

If you want additional idea's and/or help with homework activities, ask an instructor for details.

What Do Other Parents Say About Little Ninjas

This is a wonderful program and the instructors are Top Knotch!
- Frank Herbert

My child is remembering her letter's because she loves doing the ninja letter drills!
- Paula Jaeger

 I am very grateful for the skills and self esteem that has enriched my son's life. Brett & Kim Homann, and their staff are excellent teachers and have an awesome
program that has only been a positive experience for our entire family.
- Kerry Sarbieski


This class is designed for a 8 to 12 year old child.

To achieve accelerated learning we divide the classes into 3 programs.  Youth Beginner, Youth Intermediate, and Youth Advance.  This allows the student to advance more rapidly by teaching at each students ability.  We teach over 25 classes a week to challenge each students level.  In these classes students are taught physical, mental, social, and emotional development skills.  Classes help your child properly deal with managing anger and excitement.  We also reenforce basic character development, motivational skills, goal setting, making good choices, how to deal with bullies and strangers.  The most exciting and rewarding of these programs is watching your child's self esteem, concentration, and confidence improve at home and at school.

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